Our Story

Our Story

One drop of fragrance changes everything.

Create extra value for your customers and visitors. Ambient scenting helps create a sensory experience that has a lasting impression. The olfactory senses, being the most influential pleasure detectors create a unique and memorable ambiance of your brand, while also creating a refreshing aura for your home. Whether it be incorporating a scent to stimulate sales, enhance perceived value or to increase feelings of trust and calmness – the scent is a powerful tool that is widely underused. We at Artra Scent Solutions work with the principles of Aromachology-a study of how scent can impact us on an emotional level. Scent marketing captures the consumer’s mind by triggering powerful memories and influencing mood, emotions, and behavior. Our goal is to not only provide a refreshing scenting solution for clients home and businesses but also to creating aromatic sanctuaries. Artra Scent Solutions aims to educate people about the exhilarating benefits of scenting and provide the tools for incorporating it into their businesses and all aspects of life. Allow us to reinforce your brand, space or product by providing a ‘Scentsational service’.

The Art Of Scenting

Artra Solutions Scent strives to provide the highest quality scenting solutions to optimize the health & beauty of any space.

The Benefits Of Scenting

For Home

Scenting your home should be more than first masking and mixing odours.
Stop using napthalene balls, air freshner gels,hanging pockets or covering every surface with aerosol residue.
Artra Scent Solutions aims to change all that greet guests with comforting and inviting aroma.
take your home decor a step further and add a multisensory experience

For Business

The benefits of introducing an olfactory logo are endless and can be applied to a wide range of industries.
Artra Scent Solutions uses scent to reach your customers on an emotional level Strengthen your brand and increase revenue.
We also work closely with you for developing signature scents for your business / brand.

Lightweight Jacket


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