Scent Marketing

Science of Scent

What Is Scent Marketing?

For years now, multiple businesses have utilized the science of smell for financial advantage. It allows them to express their brand and dictate higher profits. Strategically formulated scents are henceforth used by multinational companies. Certain moods and thoughts of potential customers are triggered, thereby improving customer experience in all aspects. Relaxing and luxurious atmosphere in hotels Destressing and safe atmosphere in medical and health institutes Mood fragrances that help refresh and unwind at home


Olfactory is one of the five major senses. It is also the only sense on the left side of the brain in the limbic system. This limbic system is involved in immediate emotional response, which can be relaxing, refreshing, calming based on the scent.

It is an experience that varies for everyone. The process begins with odor molecules binding to olfactory receptors of the specialized epithelium, in the back of the nose. Smell begins when this binding occurs over sensory neurons. This generates an electrical signal, sent to the olfactory lobe of the forebrain. The signal then reaches other parts of the brain for processing. It reaches thalamus, amygdala which involve memory, emotion and learning with the particular scent. Hence, the smell can trigger certain, personal thoughts and memories. It is a subtler and attractive approach to enhance customer experience and establish a signature scent for your brand. It transforms perceptions and experience for a maximum effect over ensuring customer attraction.

Did You Know?

• 82% of consumers spend more time in a pleasantly scented place
• 59% of them would spend more money in a scented location
• 63% customers choose one store over the other due to pleasant scent
• 75% of emotions are generated from scent
• 40% improvement in mood is observed in a well scented place


Multiple places that can be benefitted:

Pet Shop
Jewellery Shop
Spa & Wellness Centre
Hotel Reception & Lobby
Eye / Spectacle Store
Toy Store
Dental Clinic
Apparel Store
Car Showrooms
Game Arcades
Gymkhana / Club
Convenience Stores
Day Care
Reception Area
Book Store
Music Shops
Shoe Showrooms
Stationary Shops
Doctor s Clinic
Mobile Shop
Banquet Halls
Builders Show Flat
School Reception
Accessory Store
Hardware / Sanitary Shop

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